• Patio and Pillars
    Patio and Pillars
    Custom Patio with Lighted Pillars
  • Patio and Fireplace
    Patio and Fireplace
    Bluestone Brick Patio and Custom-Built Fireplace
  • Water Features
    Water Features
    Bubbling Urn
  • Firepit and Patio
    Firepit and Patio
    Firepit and Patio with Seatwalls
  • Custom Patio
    Custom Patio
    Custom Patio
  • Landscape Design
    Landscape Design
    Landscape Design and Maintenance Services
  • GreenScape Lawn Maintenance
    GreenScape Lawn Maintenance
    Professional Fleet and Crews
  • Fertilization
    Fertilization at Shorewood City Hall
  • Irrigation
    Sprinkler Systems Installed and Maintained
  • GreenScape Landscape Maintenance
    GreenScape Landscape Maintenance
    Tree Edging and Mulch